About Us

We are group of people of various heights, weights and ages mostly affiliated with Stanford (but not necessarily) that study the art of capoeira and (on occasion) have been known to dance a bit of samba. Check out our class schedule and come play with us!

Our Mestre

Mestre Beiçola is the founder, artistic director and principal instructor of Brazil Culture & Arts (Brazivedas). A native of Rio de Janeiro, he is the son of a musician and capoeirista, and has devoted his life to keeping the rich traditions of African-Brazilian culture alive and thriving throughout the world. Beiçola is a 30-year master of Capoeira. He is also a choreographer and songwriter, having mastered a litany of Brazilian instruments and dances as well – knowledge he shares with audiences and students in his San Francisco Bay Area base and beyond. We at Stanford Capoeira are lucky to have such a warm, playful, and inspiring teacher.


Brazilian / World Music DJ

Megha Makam has studied capoeira with Mestre Beiçola since 2008 a part of Stanford Capoeira club and now has the privilege of being the main instructor. She completed her PhD in Biology at Stanford in 2017 and runs her own arts and cultural education organization, M & M Arts. Her mission is to help people stay fit and healthy by bringing rhythm and movement into their everyday lives.