What Is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an amazing mix of martial arts, music, games and dance that will make you move in ways you’ve never imagined before, play instruments you’ve never seen before and have fun like you’ve never had before!

Capoeira History

Capoeira landed on Brazil’s shores centuries ago with the forced arrival of Angolan slaves. Through super-human ingenuity and despite their captivity, the Africans transformed their traditional dances into a powerful fighting art. After thriving as a self-defense during 400 years of colonization, Capoeira has since become a world famous sport. In recent years, Capoeira has gained international popularity through Hollywood films such as “Only The Strong” and “Quest,” as well as through a regularly aired segment on “Sesame Street.”

Capoeira’s history – rich with the traditions of both Brazil and Africa – makes training this unique martial art an unparalleled experience. Its movements are graceful, acrobatic and allow for plenty of individual expression. In addition to a physical discipline, Capoeira students also learn percussion and a vast repertoire of traditional Brazilian song and dance.